What are the 3 Basic Forms of Climbing?

Jul 27, 2020 1:30:16 AM

What are the 3 Basic Forms of Climbing?

If you are a climbing beginner, it’s vital to know the climbing types which can let you select the right climbing form for yourself. There are mainly 3 basic forms of climbing: Lead, Bouldering and Speed.


Lead Climbing


Lead climbing is a climbing style, predominantly used in rock climbing1. If there is no way to climb to the top of the mountain, someone has to take the lead to climb that route. That’s why we called it lead climbing. Using lead climbing, the rope extends directly from the protective layer to the climber. When a climber ascends the cliff, he or she clamps the rope into a bolt or detachable traditional gear fixed to the wall. This is different from top rope climbing. In top rope climbing, the rope initially extends from the wall up to the top anchor point, and then down to the climber.



Bouldering Climbing


Bouldering is a type of rock climbing, but the biggest difference from most climbing types is that bouldering does not require ropes and other equipment to ensure that the climbing height is not high to ensure that the climber falls without danger. The guarantee method is also different from the general climbing guarantee. The purpose of bouldering guarantee is not to keep the climber away from the ground, but to make the guarantees’ body vertical to the ground when he falls to avoid back and head injuries caused by the fall. Be careful to prepare your climbing equipment before you climbing.


Speed Climbing


Speed climbing is a sport climbing event, the first event of the mixed competition, the World Championship event. The player needs to climb from the bottom to the highest point as soon as possible and press the sensor. In individual competitions, the contestants will conduct two time trials in the preliminary round, and the best result will be taken. The best eight contestants will enter the finals. In the finals, the contestants will first calculate the seed rankings based on the total results of the preliminary rounds, and then will be a one-on-one combination of 1 to 8, 2 to 7 and so on.


As a climbing beginner, we recommend that you can choose the lead climbing or bouldering climbing, which can let you enjoy the climbing. Before climbing, please be attention to purchase some advanced and safe climbing equipment to equip yourself. After all, the high-quality climbing gears can keep you safe when you are climbing the mountains. Now browse and purchase Newdoar’s climbing gears at reasonable prices!


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