How to Use Climbing Ropes Correctly?

May 25, 2020 8:03:44 PM

How to Use Climbing Ropes Correctly?

Climbing rope is one of the vitally important part for rock climbing. Different types of climbing have very different requirements for ropes, so be careful when choosing them. Maybe rock climbing beginners don’t know how to choose a right climbing rope, then follow Newdoar to learn the way to select your own rock climbing rope.

There are many sizes, lengths and features of climbing ropes, but all climbing ropes are made of nylon in a braided way. Generally speaking, it’s not recommend to use a static rope to climb, because it is specially designed for cave exploration, canyoning, downhill and other sports, which is not very good for the safety for climbers. Hence, it’s better to use a dynamic climbing rope when you are climbing.

The Ways to Choose Ropes


There are many types of rock climbing ropes, including sports climbing, traditional climbing and more; the types of ropes used: twin rope, half rope, single rope, etc. Most types of climbing rope can be used universally, although according to the nature of various climbing characteristics, there is a space for targeted selection.

Length and Diameter

Rope is generally recommended to buy 60 to 70 meters. The choice of diameter is a balance between the degree of wear resistance, weight and price. Please remember: Not too thick, not too thin. When entering rock climbing for the first time, the diameter of the rope is more suitable between 9.7mm-10.2mm.

Quality Certificate

Be sure to purchase qualified goods that are guaranteed through the channel and are both CE and UIAA tested.

In short, whether you are climbing beginners or professionals, choosing a right and high-quality climbing rope is very important to you. If you don’t know choose which kind of climbing ropes, just browse Newdoar’s online shop and find your advanced climbing ropes at reasonable prices.


Maintenance Method

Climbing ropes can be washed with cold or warm water and mild soap. Do not use detergents to clean the waterproof ropes. You can also wash the ropes in a bathtub and wash them by hand, or in a drum washing machine. Regular care of your climbing rope can increase it’s working life.

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