How to Maintain Climbing Equipment?

Jun 22, 2020 7:41:35 PM

How to Maintain Climbing Equipment?

Generally speaking, you should prepare and use a variety of climbing equipment when you go to climb, such as climbing harnesses, climbing ropes, climbing hardware and more. It’s necessary to use mountain climbing equipment to protect your safety, and Newdoar could provide a large selection of discount climbing gears for you. Since you will use your climbing equipment quite a lot, you should also maintain them frequently. Hence, how to maintain your climbing equipment? Newdoar will give you some tips here!


Climbing Harness

The energy climbing harness can ensure the total freedom of movement. But the precondition is that you keep your climbing harness very well all the time. If your harness gets deity, it’s better to wash in rinse first. If it’s still dirty, you should use warm water to wash it with your hands. Please do not use a brush! Finally, dry it out.


Climbing Ropes

Whether wearing socks or bare feet, do not step on the rope. Stepping on it will allow some sand particles that are not easily visible to the naked eye to drill into the rope, and slowly cut the rope skin or core fiber with the use. In addition, when wearing crampons, you must be very careful not to step on the rope, because the rope surface can not see the scar, but the nylon fiber inside may have been cut. Try to avoid pulling the rope over rough or sharp terrain. When you want to hang, it is best to wrap the part of the rope and the corner of the rock covered with cloth or rope. The rope must not go directly through bolts, fixing points, umbrella straps, and slings. Rubbing these things hurts the rope. Do not hang two ropes into the same shackle, (except for double ropes) because the ropes will rub against each other. Do not tie the rope to the tree, it is not good for the rope and the tree. Climbing in wet or icy places (such as upstream or icy climbing) should use waterproof ropes. The strength of the wet rope is reduced and the wear is fast.

The rope should be cleaned regularly, especially when it is used for river tracing or climbing in snow and ice, such activities that often stain the rope. Place the rope in the bathtub, soak it in cold water and a mild detergent (such as ivory soap), and then stir continuously to wash the rope everywhere. For particularly dirty places, gently scrub with a soft brush. Change the water a few times to make sure that all the detergent has been washed away, then spread it on the ground or hang it up, and let it dry in a cool, ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun, or use a dryer, hair dryer, etc., which will cause great damage to the inside of the rope.


All in all, maintain your climbing equipment is something that needs to be held up for a long time.







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